TQ Bare Copper Silicone Wire

TQ Wire

TQ Bare Copper Silicone Wire

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Wire Gauge:

Wire Gauge

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When it comes to wire we now only offer Genuine TQ Wire at Pick1up.com! Incredibly thin and incredibly flexible all while packing their wire with insanely high strand counts for increased current flow and less voltage loss, TQ Wire truly stands above the rest!

TQ Wire Specs by Gauge:

  • TQ 20 Gauge - 266 Strands - 1.75mm O.D.
  • TQ 16 Gauge - 665 Strands - 2.4mm O.D.
  • TQ 1000 - 1000 Strands - 3.0mm O.D.
  • TQ 13 Gauge - 1296 Strands - 3.5mm O.D.
  • TQ 11 Gauge - 2303 Strands - 4.2mm O.D.

TQ 11 Gauge wire is perfect for high demand modified racing applications where 12 gauge wire is typically used.  TQ 13 Gauge wire is our choice for 1/10 off-road installations or stock on-road installs. TQ 1000 is excellent for 1/12 modified racing or 1/10 F1. TQ 16 Gauge is preferred for 1/12 stock and TQ 20 Gauge is our choice for wiring capacitors or fans!