RC MAKER Damper Spring O-Rings - Awesomatix
RC MAKER Damper Spring O-Rings - Awesomatix


RC MAKER Damper Spring O-Rings - Awesomatix

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Product Sku: RCM-DOR

These NBR O-rings will stop your droop from having slop against the damper output shaft. They ensure that the movements of the suspension are translated directly into the damper output shaft, so it all works as efficiently as possible. With droop settings at the rear under 4.6, there can be some nasty play in the rear suspension which removes the dampening for the last little bit of droop movement, which can cause the car to feel inconsistent.

They very easily installed with your fingers. One or two can be installed on each shaft depending on how tight you want the shaft to be held to the damper, this is a very fine tuning option which is nice to have. We also found that running two smaller ones instead of one strong one was good insurance, as if one breaks mid run at least you still have one, causing a much smaller imbalance left to right!

Fits A800MMX, A800R & A800 EVO

Includes: 10 O-Rings, enough for 2 on each corner and a couple of spares!