RC MAKER 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker - 1/10 & 1/12 EP On-Road
RC MAKER 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker - 1/10 & 1/12 EP On-Road


RC MAKER 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker - 1/10 & 1/12 EP On-Road

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Introducing the RC MAKER 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker!

Pit space is always tight at a big race, and running multiple classes you end up finding no space to store your cars! They get shoved under the table or end up in your buddy's pit space next to you. Well that's now a thing of the past; our car stacker stores up to 3 chassis, which could be either 1/12th, F1 or 190mm TC! 

This keeps everything in one spot so you can be and feel organised, knowing at a glance what cars are prepared or not. It free's up bench space to do the wrenching you need to do, and whatever car you need is at arms length. 

The centre and upper arms have adjustable height, we suggest placing the biggest car at the bottom and adjusting if need be as you go up. Space is tight, as we wanted to make the stacker as compact as possible for travelling etc.

The 5mm CNC Machined Carbon Fibre gives a stylish look, along with the super high quality 3d printed stand. The carbon can be removed from the stand by only removing two screws that attach the carbon to the base. The carbon features two 7075 Aluminium standoffs for rigidity which can be easily removed with 2 screws. So 4 screws removed and you can flat pack it for travelling!

The base contains several voids for holding screws, shims, body clips and many other parts, handy for keeping things clean! Our 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker is an absolutely must have for drivers running multiple classes and wanting to keep things organised and maximise pit space!

Note: Keep out of direct sunlight, excessive heat could cause slight deformation of the base! 


    • Holds 3x 1/10th Onroad Cars at a time
    • Adjustable shelf height for different cars
    • Storage tray built into the base for holding screws, shims, body clips etc
    • Light weight and Easily disassembled and flat packed for travelling
  • High Quality 5mm Carbon and 3D Printed Construction

How to assemble:

  1. Attach the Anti slip rubber grommets underneath the base of the stand, one in each corner
  2. Insert the two main carbon pillars into the base and tighten with the supplied M3x12 Button Head Screws. Make sure the countersinks are facing outwards!
  3. Use the M3x10 Countersunk screws to attach the shelves with the flat edge upwards. There are 3 for each side, they will lock into place onto the main pillars so they can't pivot.
  4. Using the remaining M3x10 Countersunk screws, install the 2x Alloy Posts in the middle, and very top of the stacker. That's it - you're done!