Factory Team 13mm Shock Upgrade Set FOX Kashima 23mm and 27.5mm


Factory Team 13mm Shock Upgrade Set FOX Kashima 23mm and 27.5mm

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FT 23mm and 27.5mm FOX Shock Upgrade with Genuine Kashima Coat

Upgrade your Team Associated buggy with a complete set of Factory Team 13mm shocks for the ultimate in performance! Kitted with EVERY 13mm Factory Team shock option part in one bag, hop up your RC10B74.1 or RC10B6.2 just like the Team Associated Factory Team drivers' cars. Racers can experience the benefits of lower friction, more traction, better bump handling, and more consistent performance over the life of the shocks with these Factory Team upgraded parts. These parts upgrade four 13mm shocks:

  • Factory Team 13mm Shock Bodies with Fox Kashima Coat, 23mm and 27.5mm lengths, for better lubrication with less abrasion and wear.
  • Factory Team Shock Shafts V2, Chrome (#91618 and 91620), 23mm and 27.5mm lengths, with a super-smooth, chrome-coated surface. Piston washers and mounting screws included.
  • Factory Team 12mm Machined Shock Spacers, V2 (#91494), for perfect concentricity and a low-drag bushing material.
  • Fits: RC10B74.1, RC10B74.1D, RC10B6.2, RC10B6.2D, RC10B6.1, RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D

#91590 contents:
qty 2 FT 27.5mm Shock Bodies V2, FOX Kashima
qty 2 FT 23mm Shock Bodies V2, FOX Kashima
qty 2 3x23mm V2 Shock Shafts (Chrome)
qty 2 3x27.5mm V2 Shock Shafts (Chrome)
qty 4 13mm Machined Hat Bushings V2
qty 4 13mm Machined Top Spacers
qty 4 13mm Machined Middle Top Spacers
qty 4 Screws, M2x0.4x4mm BHCS
qty 4 Washers, M2.6x0.5x6mm, steel