1up Racing CF Look Chassis Skin - TLR 22X-4

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1up Racing CF Look Chassis Skin - TLR 22X-4

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Product Sku: 300033

Protect your TLR 22X-4 chassis and the track surface with our new 1up Racing Reusable Chassis Skin!  These feature a trick carbon fiber appearance with bold 1up Racing logos for an unmistakeable look!  Heavy duty vinyl with extremely tacky adhesive was carefully selected to ensure long life.  The adhesive is so good you can peel this off and re-apply it up to 7-8 times!

Our TLR 22X-4 fitment includes spare nose and tailpiece sections as we see the highest wear in these areas.

Upgrade to the best-looking and most durable chassis skin out there, Pick 1up for your cars!