1up Racing Pro Pit Duster

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1up Racing Pro Pit Duster

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Product Sku: Pro Pit Duster

The 1up Racing Pro Pit Duster Blower is a lightweight, compact and incredibly powerful air blower that makes cleaning your R/C Car or Truck easier than ever!

You won't just love this in the pit, once home you can dust & clean computers, laptops, car interiors, cameras, and lots more. Easily dry wet surfaces and hard-to-reach places.  Inflate airbeds, small inflatables and floats.

2 speed settings give you complete control over the Pro Pit Duster's 500+ watts of power.  The extra-long 10 foot 120v power cable makes this extremely versatile, and 2 air flow nozzles as well as a handy brush tip are included!  Invite your friends to try it, the Pro Pit Duster is designed for frequent and heavy use!

Try the 1up Racing Pro Pit Duster for yourself and you'll wonder how you went so long without one!