Pilmat Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners - 1/10 TC

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Pilmat Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners - 1/10 TC

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Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners have become essential with modern ultralight TC bodies.. there's nothing worse than having a race or qualifier ruined by a body tuck!
The Pilmat Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners are designed to be minimalist and light, while providing unparalleled body tuck protection. These 3D printed pieces are made from resistant plastic to survive tons of abuse! At less than two grams per pair, there is no excuse to risk a tuck!

Note, these fit all modern TC bodies and are specifically designed for horizontal posts. They may interfere with vertical rear posts on some chassis.

Fitting notes:
The Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners are directional, taking body curvature in consideration. The "fat" part points to the tire.
We recommend pre-threading the holes and using  5-6mm long M3 aluminum or titanium screws.