Glitch Tuned Reedy Sonic 540 SP5 Brushless Motors


Glitch Tuned Reedy Sonic 540 SP5 Brushless Motors

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Matthew Gonzales brings his 3x ROAR National Championship Glitch Tune to the New Reedy SP5 Motors!

Glitch Tune Features:

  • Motors are fully cleaned with a Specially Formulated Cleaner to remove gunk and grime from the manufacturing process, ultimately improving current flow for maximum efficiency
  • Aligned Sensor Boards
  • Polished Rotor Shafts
  • Shimmed for maximum consistency
  • Bearings oiled with 1up Clear
  • Info Sheet included with every motor

Glitch Motors are tuned for peak performance while still running incredibly efficient thanks to Matt's hard work and expert experience!

The incredible performance of the SP5 starts at the heart of the motor--the stator

Reedy's all-new Sonic SP5 stock motors feature an all-new and unique design, incorporating many features that will put it at the top of the pyramid when it comes to stock motor performance.

The incredible performance of the SP5 starts at the heart of the motor--the stator. Designed in-house, the stator's profile is intended to achieve maximum torque and power output without sacrificing RPM. High-quality copper magnet wire, sized to the maximum that the rules allow and wound with care to keep resistance near the legal minimum, is treated with heat transfer epoxy to dissipate heat and reduce internal temperatures resulting in less fade over the course of the race. An oversized collector ring not only dissipates heat, but in conjunction with thick solder tabs, reduces resistance and power loss.

A balanced rotor features a high-strength magnet that takes full advantage of dimensional rules to produce fade-free power with maximum effectiveness. The rotor is supported by precision stainless steel ball bearings to accommodate high RPM loads with exceptional efficiency and reliability. Like all Reedy Sonic motors, a high-quality sensor board rounds out the motor's interior.

Externally, the SP5 utilizes a lightweight two-piece CNC machined aluminum housing with an aluminum endcap and timing adjustability to accommodate fine-tuning for specific applications. This lightweight package is a welcome way to improve vehicle handling while improving chassis tuning flexibility.

  • CNC-machined housing with optimized air cooling
  • Custom high-power stator design
  • Low-resistance solder tabs and collector ring
  • Balanced rotor with high-strength magnet
  • Dual precision ball bearings
  • Aluminum end cap with adjustable timing
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Competition proven
  • ROAR approval pending